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DCL’s Structured Training Agreement for the APC has today been approved by the RICS.


Think of the APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) as practical training and experience which, when added to full-time study and learning received at university, leads to your RICS membership.


It is the process by which RICS ensures you are competent to practise as a chartered surveyor. The APC normally (graduate route 1) consists of:

• A minimum of 24 months' training, during which you must achieve specific competencies

• Professional development

• Keeping a diary and log book of your relevant training and experience

• An interim assessment after 12 months, detailing your progress so far

• Final written submissions including log book, reports and assessment forms

• An assessment interview after 24 months, making a presentation at an assessment centre.


The APC training will continue for a minimum of 24 months, during which you must do a minimum of 400 days' relevant practical experience.


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